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Have you ever slipped in a public space and got injured in the process? Wet floors where a lot of people walk on should have warning signs so that nobody would get hurt. But if there wasn’t one, you should know your rights. Negotiate to get properly compensated. If you don’t get the compensation you deserve, hire a workers compensation lawyer such as Injury Attorney Referral. We are based in Ventura, CA.

Negligence and Why Know Your Rights Against Such Cases

Commercial spaces that are used on the daily by the public should be managed by a person in charge. This point person is responsible for keeping the space safe to use. Otherwise, nobody would want to use it. If they don’t, anyone that gets hurt will need to be compensated by the owner of the establishment. For instance, if the floor of a restaurant are wet and somebody slips on it and gets injured, the person in charge should negotiate with the injured person and provide compensation. If they are not cooperative, hire a workers compensation lawyer to defend your case.

Let Us Defend Your Case!

Our lawyers are trained to defend cases involving slip and fall accidents. If the corporation that you will be dealing with intimidates you into settling for less, have us by your side so that you won’t end up getting the short end of the stick. We can provide you with legal counsel so that you know what you can get out of it. We will also represent you both in and out of court during negotiations. Let us defend your case so that you will be compensated for the treatments that you had to pay for.

Injury Attorney Referral is a workers compensation lawyer that can defend your case. Did you get injured in a commercial space in Ventura, CA because you slipped on a wet floor? Call us at (805) 244-5821 so that we can start building your case.

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