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Perhaps you’re employed as a roofer and fell off a roof while on the job, sustaining serious fractures as a result. Or maybe you broke your leg when you slipped on wet floors at your workplace. Either way, you need to call a professional and dependable workers compensation lawyer like Injury Attorney Referral! We are based in Ventura, CA, and we specialize in handling personal injury cases related to workplace accidents. Call us now and let our attorneys evaluate your case!

What Can Happen If You’ll File a Workers Comp Case?

Many people believe that their employers would provide them with unwavering support when they get injured at work. However, while businesses are legally obliged to assist staff members that have sustained workplace accident injuries, a lot of companies will do their best to wash their hands of the responsibility. This way, they won’t need to use their workplace compensation insurance and deal with the expense of increased premiums. And, even if the company decides to support the injured worker, their insurance provider might deny the claim so they won’t have to pay out.

Fighting for Your Right to Compensation

If your employer refuses to help you when you get injured at work, or if their insurer denies your claim, you’ll need to get in touch with our lawyers. We will help you prove that you aren’t at fault and that your employer (and their insurer) is required to provide the financial support you need. Of course, we’ll liaise with your employer as well as their insurance provider and negotiate for the best possible settlement on your behalf. With our help, you’ll get to receive the compensation that you deserve, and you’ll have enough funds that you can use to cover your lost wages, settle your hospital bills, and pay for any future medical treatments you might need.

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