How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take?

Asking a workers compensation lawyer how long your case will take is like asking how long is a piece of string. Workers’ Compensation cases can sometimes settle in record time or can take years.

The average workers’ compensation case is generally resolved within 16 months. A resolution could result in a settlement agreement or go before a judge. Under 20% of cases are resolved within the first six months.

How Are Workers’ Comp & Personal Injury Settlements Different?

Most workers’ comp claims an employee will get receive some form of benefit before their case is settled. However, this does not happen in personal injury claims, such as slip and fall cases or car accidents. Employers must provide some benefits, even if they do not agree with how much, as they could be penalized if they don’t pay at least the bare minimum of benefits while your case is still ongoing.

How Long Does a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Take without a Lawsuit?

If you are able to get a case settled without filing a lawsuit, that will significantly speed up the process. Settlements without litigation take a few months. Remember that workers’ compensation claims will also include any request for workers’ compensation benefits. You can still claim benefits if you have not yet filed a lawsuit.

How Settlement Negotiations Affect Workers’ Comp Cases

In many situations, workers and their attorneys negotiate with the workers’ compensation insurance company before filing a lawsuit. This approach is sometimes effective, but it can take more time if it doesn’t work because it delays the filing of the lawsuit. However, just because settling without filing is faster doesn’t mean it is always the best course of action.

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