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Injury Attorney Referral offers reliable 24/7 services for people who need personal injury attorney referrals and immediate legal help. Here are some of the cases that our lawyers can handle for anyone in Ventura, CA. Take a look below!

Car Accidents

You were walking down the street and a car suddenly appeared from nowhere. The driver couldn’t hit the brakes on time and you were badly hurt. Maybe instead, what happened was someone cutting you off on the highway. Giving you no chance to react, your vehicles collided resulting in damage. Whatever the accident you and your vehicle experienced, turn to our lawyers.

Dog Bite Cases

Injury Attorney Referral help people prepare a claim in situations that involve being attacked by a dog. If someone’s dog on the street got off the leash and it bit you, you can take this to court. Dog bite cases are very specific and they require to be overviewed and proceeded with the help of a professional attorney.

Accident Lawyer Referral

Accident Lawyer Referral

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents have their own part of the law because of the severity of these cases. Most of the time, people who were involved in those type of accidents end up very badly injured due to only being protected by a helmet. Sometimes, it’s about a machine defect which is the manufacturer’s liability. If it was you or a close one who got hurt in a motorcycle accident, give us a call!

Slip and Fall Accidents

You were walking down the aisle of your nearest supermarket in Ventura, CA and somebody forgot to put the “Wet floor” sign? If you fell down and injured yourself, you might have a strong slip and fall case to take to your insurance company. But, you need to successfully proof your right for compensation. We can handle that!

Other Injuries

We can assist in different types of tort cases. All kinds of incidents happen to people daily and it’s our responsibility to handle the legal side of things when you turn to us. Talk to our professionals if your case requires specific knowledge of the tort law.

Our professionals speak both English and Spanish and you can get your free consultation today by calling (805) 244-5821 any time, any day!

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