Planning to File a Worker’s Compensation and Benefits Claim?  

Tips From a Licensed Workers Compensation Lawyer

When you are working in a company, you and your employer will agree to some terms such as receiving benefits if you are injured in the line of work. In return, you can file a lawsuit for any negligence in the workplace. A worker’s compensation should also be filed immediately to get a full claim. Here are some helpful tips according to a licensed workers compensation lawyer:

Report the injury right away

If you have been injured at work and it is not your fault, you should report it to your team leader or supervisor. Doing so will allow them to gather the information and will help you determine if there is negligence in the company’s part. They will also act as your witness if you need one. Delaying the report will only void your claim and you might face legal repercussions for possible fraud. It is important that you contact a workers compensation lawyer to assist you. Keep in mind that compensation varies from states and companies.

File your claim properly

If it is your first time filing for a claim, you should have a licensed lawyer at your side to assist you. There are plenty of things you need to do first to make it valid. For instance, you need to have a report of injury and other records from your employer.

Make your own file, too!

If you are unaware, the company will try to change some important details in their reports. While this is possible, it is best to create a file or journal of your own for comparison purposes.

Seek medical attention

A medical record of your injury will help you with your claim. It is one of the important requirements that most insurance companies will ask for.

Look for supporting documents

No matter how hard you try to explain what happened, the other party will try to refute your statements so that the claim will be void. If there is a CCTV in the area of the incident, you should grab an untapped copy of the video.

These are some of the tips when it comes to filing your claim. For assistance, you can turn to our workers compensation lawyer here at Injury Attorney Referral. Call (805) 244-5821 now for more details. We are based in Ventura, CA.

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