Common Personal Injury Lawyer Misconceptions

If you are thinking of overseeing your own personal injury case, don’t, as this is exactly what the insurance company wants you to do, and it could cost you getting a better settlement. In the interest of clearing up any misconceptions, let’s examine some of the prevalent myths that surround a personal injury attorney and the law.

Myth #1: Lawyer fees will eat into your settlement

Many people are under the impression that lawyers are expensive legal vultures that offers legal representation at an exhorbitant cost. And, on top of this, you will pay a personal injury lawyer the money out of your own pocket also.

We are happy to say that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Personal injury lawyers will provide an initial free consultation most of the time. This gives them the opportunity to see if your case is at least viable and can offer some legal options.

Myth #2: You will be able to resolve your claim by yourself

While this is technically true, it is adviseable that you do not attempt to handle your own representation regardless of what the legal context is. This is not something lawyers say so they can get your case. It has been proven that legal representation in such cases will secure a higher settlement fee.

Myth #3 The lawyer that oversaw your divorce can also oversee your personal injury claim

Just because someone practices law does not automatically mean they are experienced in handling every case.

It is adviseable to find a lawyer that focuses solely on personal injury law. As they have the insights and experience required to take on your case, which in turn improves your chances of securing a higher settlement.

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