Some of Your Questions and Their Answers!

Accidents happen all the time, we have heard this so many times but refuse to believe it….until it really happens. Speaking with an injury lawyer is not outdated today. On the contrary, this is something necessary and most helpful. When you need legal advice, Injury Attorney Referral is here for you. Our team of proficient attorneys can help you recover from any incident. So, if you are in Ventura, CA and need accident lawyer referral, turn to us.

  • How do I know who is at fault for my injuries? Many people come to us very confused about what happened to them and ask so many questions. The “fault” clause says that when it comes to recovering from the damages caused to you, whoever caused the accident and your injuries should pay compensation for your out of pocket expenses. Whether you feel it was or wasn’t your fault, you have to call the police, their report will show who was at fault.

  • What accidents do you deal with? Pretty much, all of them. Our lawyers have the experience to assist victims in traffic crashes, slip-and-fall incidents, animal attacks, and workers’ compensation.

  • What documents for you need from me? When we speak, it will be good if we could see a copy of the police report, any photos available, and your medical record with diagnosis and X-rays.

  • But I have minor wounds. Do I still need to see a doctor? Yes. In many cases, wounds and trauma that look small may have an extended consequence later on. Going to a doctor after such a mishap is a must because their evaluation and healing prognosis will have an impact on the success of your claim.

  • Is your law firm legitimate? Yes. Injury Attorney Referral has a California State Bar business license. Our law office was founded in 1966.

  • Should I call you or my insurers first? Speaking with an insurance company before looking for accident lawyer referral could have negative consequences on your lawsuit. They may offer you a minimal amount of money to maximize their company profit. Our solicitors will make sure you get what you deserve based on your circumstances.

  • How much do you charge for your services? Our team charges no fees unless your claim is successful. That means no recovery, no fees! We only get paid if you awarded a certain sum from the judge.

  • Why do I need an attorney anyway? The answer is short – to fight for your rights to receive reasonable financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Some very severe injuries require multiple surgeries and long-term rehab. Who is going to pay for your stay and for the procedures in the hospital? The party at fault, of course, and we will take care of your financial future and security!

  • OK, so how do we get started? Turn to our team in Ventura, CA as soon as you get injured for a free consultation. Our law firm is open 24/7 for your inquiries and concerns. We speak English and Spanish, and you can phone us for accident lawyer referral at (805) 244-5821. Do not wait because the more you delay your consultation, the lesser your chances become of winning your claim.

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