3 Misconceptions About Personal Injury Proceedings  

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When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, many people believe different things. Unfortunately, they are not always true. If you are involved in a car crash, slip-and-fall incident, or any other mischief, your only chance to pursue justice and get compensated for your pain is contacting a proficient local personal injury attorney. We have decided to write this blog post showing the three most common myths about personal injury claims:

  • You can contact a lawyer at any time. This is so not true. We can’t stress enough, talking to a legal representative right after the incident is a must for many reasons. You have to get legal advice while your memory is still fresh and you can still recall all the facts about your calamity. Besides, the defendants and witnesses might change their address or contact details. The damaged or slippery floor might get repaired, and you will no longer have the evidence you need to win your case. Thus, it is important to contact a good local solicitor sooner than later.

  • Your settlement won’t worth very much. Many casualties think speaking with a lawyer is unnecessary because they won’t get the compensation they deserve anyway. But that is far from being true. Professional solicitors know what circumstances are needed to be able to claim a fair settlement from the party at fault. Such assumptions are a big mistake. No matter how small or minor your injuries, one free consultation doesn’t hurt.

  • Hiring a personal injury attorney will cost you too much. Not having upfront information about your claim may cost you much more than money. It may cost you your peace of mind. Most lawyers specializing in personal injury proceedings charge no fee if the claim is not successful. That is called a contingency agreement. Their remuneration is usually a percentage of the sum the court awards.

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